Event Photos

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03/10/2017 Mass DECA State Conference Dance

03/13/2015 Mass DECA State Conference

04/05/2014 Kathryn and Rachel’s Sweet Sixteen

03/07/2014 Mass DECA State Conference Dance

10/04/2013 Leicester High School Homecoming

09/28/2013 Portsmouth High School Homecoming

06/15/2013 Miscoe Hill 8th Grade Semi-Formal

06/05/2013 Portsmouth High School Senior Prom

05/17/2013 Oliver Ames High School Junior Prom

05/03/2013 Uxbridge High School Prom

04/26/2013 Portsmouth High School Junior Prom

04/26/2013 Leicester High School Junior Prom

03/15/2013 MA DECA State Conference Dance

09/29/2012 Portsmouth High School Homecoming

08/30/2012 Leicester High School Welcome Back Dance

06/16/2012 Miscoe Hill 8th Grade Semi-Formal

05/18/2012 Leicester High School Senior Night

02/18/2012 Kearsarge Regional High School Winter Dance

02/02/2012 Nipmuc Regional High School Winter Semi-Formal

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