School dances are different than any other event, and because of this you need an entertainment company that focuses solely on providing the best entertainment for students. Some companies do school dances, weddings and corporate events, but we ONLY do school dances. We focus only on school dances, ensuring each event is the best it can be. Here is why you should choose a DJ that only does school dances:


  • Radio clean edits ensuring that faculty members won’t interrupt your favorite song
  • Quality concert style sound and lighting
  • Giant video screens playing the hottest videos
  • The newest music direct from the labels before it’s even on the radio
  • Social media to get in contact with your DJ before events
  • On-line requests
  • Giveaways such as glow sticks and beach balls
  • Photographers taking pictures throughout the night and displaying them on the big screen


We only do school dances making us the perfect choice for your event. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get someone in touch with you to make your next dance a hit.

Request songs for your dance here!

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